Let’s talk messes. Not just a floor covered with toys that nobody wants to pick up. I’m talking about messes you are certain can never be cleaned up. Fortunately, I got a lesson in messin before I gave birth for the first time, when a nephew twirled around and around in my kitchen with a […]

My kids love to tease me. That’s okay – I’m good with most anything that gets us laughing. But now it’s my turn. This begins a series I’ll call “My Kid Did.” This series is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a parent, you no doubt have stories of your own that should […]

Work-ugh, work-ugh, work-ugh, sleep. Work-ugh, work-ugh work-ugh, sleep. The cycle is endless. The drudgery is torturous. Or is it? Before I dig in, let me say that I am guilty of nearly every accusation I’m about to pronounce. But I’m compelled to confess my guilt, and share it with all good Americans. We Americans love […]

Although my faith runs deep, I am not a deeply religious person. Funny my first blog experience should be about God. Religion has, in many ways, let me down. But, my religious upbringing leaves me no choice but to believe. There is a higher power. That higher power’s voice is heard in many ways, by […]